*She cried, tears soaked her pillow as she realized that it just wasn't meant to be. Her heart was racing, blood boiling under her skin, when the world came crashing in on her. The hole festered, burned, and left her feeling sore throughout her entire body. Her soul was numb yet pain radiated up and spread out leaving a trail that set her on fire. The pain was unbearable, but she still felt nothing.

**Nothingness swallowed her whole, an empty shell she called her home. Only controlled by one emotion at a time. Either she was happy or sad, in pain or full of glee. Unable to balance the complexity of everyday emotions, she found herself drained. Fallen robot to the important essence that made her up as a person. She no longer had her own identity.

***Identity submerged beneath the outter layers, her boundries,her wall. No longer capaible or comfortable in her own skin. Not from a fear of being judged just from no longer knowing who she is. Broken, her spirits broken, by the false advertisement of love.

****Love that has come and gone all too many times. Always there and not at the same time, new approach same ending results, same guy new face same skin. Teased from afar..always within reach yet somethings in the way. "I'm different from the rest, I'm that one guy willing to make that change" Different voice, same game.

*****Games she's tired of playing. Giving up on the chase, no longer on the hunt. She wants to hurt no more, she wants to began the healing of the sore. The fight in her soul has disappeared...now love was the only thing she feared.