shud it even matter?

The sun kisses the horizon as it takes its place allowing the night sky to sore and envelope the space between the earth and the heavens. She finds bliss in the knowing of slumber as it approaches and lays weight on her beautiful lids. Thoughts so peaceful greet her as she drifts off into sleep. Her subconscious ideas, emotions, interest, and thoughts become her dreams, a weightless, fearless chamber with webs of memories some good others not so much, intricate blends of the past, present, wat is to come, and wat will never be. That is until her subconscious rocks her reality, from peace to dismay, deep earth shattering swirls so power it steals her ability to breath. Feeling smothered she searches for air, reaches for wat seems not to be there. Unable to wake she is falling deeper and deeper into the unmentionable. She runs from nothing in particular and towards wat she hopes is relief.

~I got my life and its my only one I got the night, I'm running from the sun So goodnight, I made it out the door~ Kanye West

In the frame made of gold plated brass, lays a picture not so much a picture but the negative of an image that captures his heart and makes whole his world. A women laughing with the most joyous glee. His fingers trace, lightly barely touching the glass that separates his flesh from the film that is the picture. Why frame and care so effortlessly for a negative? Why not, is the only reasoning he can muster as a response, because his vocabulary lacks the define precious words to honestly answer. This women, made by GOD for no one but him has seen better days, she embodies youth and her free spirited will draws him close although distance is wat is asked of him. To he the absence of she leaves him in the most intense agonizing pain. Yet he embraces this pain and uses it to blanket him throughout his days. Because the pain has become his friend. A constant reminder of the love, joy, spiritual awareness of wat use to be.

~See I dont need no alcohol Your love makes me feel ten feet tall Without it Id go through withdrawal cause nothing even matters at all~ D'Angelo