ur blind...GEESH!

sometimes i just wanna call you and just scream!!!...ur so blind baby you dont notice me. i'm right in your face and you can't see me. day in and day out i listen to you complain about not having anyone real...who's willing to love you thru your flaws when baby to me those flaws are your perfections. your always talking about how you open up to someone and they hurt you, you've opened up to me, have i hurt you yet? i've gone out of my way to get you to just glismpe my way and still your blind. i'm nothing but there for you and YOU JUST DONT SEE ME! it hurts so much trying to tolerate seeing you with every other girl but me.

"There's this girl I know, so deep in love, do almost anything to make him see she's the one, but he doesn't feel a girl like her, he's so, so wrapped up, cause the average girl will give him anything he wants."

you can't just express that you like me and leave it at that...i've slowly begun to fall for you and there's nothing i can do about it. but sit back and remain unseen. i've done everything to get you to see me...all but cover myself in chocolate and lay naked before you. can't you open your eyes? can't you see me? your so blind baby, your eyes are wide open yet they look right thru me and fall upon the girl behind me, beside me, in front of me, beneath me, above me...all around me yet never upon me!

"Blind and so native to whats smack dead in front of you, you'll search for years, for what always been right beside you, when you finally realize and your eyes become unglued...she'll have moved on and no longer wants you"