It's Monday and i'm still floating from my weekend high! THIS WEEKEND WAS EPIC and i didnt do anything all extra...tho i was a model! lol got to strut my stuff on thr GAYRVA runway alongside some really awesome people! and i had an awesome support team! MY RL OF COURSE my LOVE BUG and GREG! lol P.DOT was there too but she kinda put a damper on my night...idk what the deal was. ANYWHOOO i walked that runway like it was nobody's business HELLO! lol adn Sunday Nick turned 5, really enjoyed myself at his party. lol

OK so on to the deep shit!...lol I've finally gotten my life where i want it. U know i'm independent finally able to hold my own and say this is in my life because i want it there. I'm MAKING THINGS HAPPEN for me, i love my family, friends, CAR, house, JOB lol i just love life. though i have hit a snag. the people i thought i was closest too are slowly retreating. IDK whats up but it hurts u know to try and be there for someone when ur not even sure they even want u there

welp i guess somepeople are only ment to be there for a season...just was hoping it wasn't you...or you...ugh :super sad face:

Currently at work enjoying the slow morning...i honestly need to get more focused in my history class. like everything else is comin easy to me but this history! UGHHHHH lol so today after work i am goin to the gym sitting in the suna for a while :to clear my head: THEN back here for class and ALL DAY TOMORROW im gonna study for history and get it together

.....i have to learn to better manage my funds!