tis the new year!

you kno its the new year and i haven't blogged a thing! i feel like a bad blogger, someone punish me!...lol ((not like that u nasty nasty man))

brigning the new years with some good ole hard work! i just moved into my own place and i'm tryin my damnest to make it feel like home...its way to quiet!!! lol when you dont have it you want it when its abundance ur tryna get rid of it! Life's been a test or my will and wits and its pullin me by my ears ahhh one day i'll get it right.

ok so catch up i guess?!?!? NOTHING NEW!! wat a surprise! guys come and go and girls follow right behind. i have decided to cut loose everyone and everything that doesn't bring profit or needing to my life. the stress of carrying everything is giving me back pain and killing my poor lil' knees!

again im gonna try to blog a little everyday...rant vent bitch watever it may be im gonna do something.

i really need to start writting again my poetry is suffering because i've become lazy. ok ok ok so i do have something to share...I FALLIN IN LOVE!!! i kno your like damn this chick like WTF but now way! this time its for real and its with MYSELF!...i've decided to love me til death do us part!! lol long storry i'll share later. at the moment i have to get back to work! blog bout it later!