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it had been a sunny day for the most part, and she seemed to be enjoying herself as she watched Kyle play on the swings. it had been two years since she'd thought about that day but today it wouldn't stop hunting her, "mom!, Watch this!" Kyle screamed down to her from the monkey bars. "be careful kiddo please!" she shouted back to him. the other mothers looked in her direction and she knew exactly why, they all must have thought she was his sister and to hear that she was his mother shocked them and to peek at her was to reassure their disbelief. Kyle had just turned 3 years old three weeks ago while Kyra's would be 17 in a matter of days. Yep you've done the math she was indeed 14 when she found out she was pregnant with her child actually 13 and 17 days shy of her 14th birthday.
she sighed looked to the playground and back to her lap, she hated coming all the way across town to the only decent playground in order to allow kyle a safe place to play, but it was all worth is when she watched him mingle with the other toddlers that was until someone got to handys and she had to call Kyle over for time out. glimpsing at her cell phone she noticed 4 missed alerts and that it was just about time to catch the 4:45 back to witcomb. "Kyle", she called after him as she rose and gathered their things "come on sweets time to be on our way". he hadn't stopped playing. zipping up her light jacket and putting the strap of her bag over the handle to the stroller she pushed it to the edge of the sandbox, "Kyle mom says its time to go, now tell the little boy bye and come on here!" she was becoming frustrated.

((beginning to a story that just hit me..i dont know where it came from it was just a bunch of jumble in my head that i had to get rid of. i'll def post more and finish it))

---ok my day?...decent been textin a odd person all day he's good conversation just out a place for us to communicate. work day ends in 5 and i can be on my way home! maybe the FF can come over and chill tonite idk i'll ask but no promises.
--oh check this we as in all of female facebook played a simple game today for our status we posted the color or our bra just the color [ex. "black"] and nothing else so all these girls had different colors and patterns and wat not. after a while the guys got irritated and started questioning us lol it was fun we knew something they didn't and most still dont know
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