wat a day

....and the day that preceded it. aww how the tables have turned! yesterday started out shifty but became pretty decent as i continued on my journey thru the sun into the shade. lol
*guys are like girls just with exterior parts ive finally figured it out. they want and dont want just as much as a female. except we as women might have a slight upper hand. the whole ability to manage our emotions kinda works in our favor when we in fact have the ability to control and manage them. guys shy away from their feelings in hopes that they'll pass just as peer say gas would ((no pun intended))
feeling like the weight of the world has caught me once again...lol then he told me: june bugg u gotta drop the load, cuz u damn sure anit nobody's pack mule, kissed my check then i smile. he was right i sure the hell anit! [gotta make the best of wat i got it's better than nothing rii???]