ok work again as always and im not bored!! isnt that a first!!!...lol well the shift is almost over and i couldn't be more excited! lol its dark out and im sure its cold and i didnt bring all my weather protective gear lol so i shall freeze on my journey home!

....i want to go out to tuesday verses tonite with the girls jst waiting for one of them to hit me up with a time. if not its movies and dinner dolo in mi casa tonite!!!! lol which isnt so bad anymore i just have to get use to it some more i guess.
oh i did some searching and finding of schools today and NOVA seems like the place for me. it has the vet tech program i want and it wont cost much the only problem is the commute and wat not since i def am not moving out there!

i learned a valuable lesson today, well it was valuable to me: WHEN GIVEN A CHANCE TO SHARE YA TRUE FEELINGS TAKE IT!

---i finally had the nerve to tell t.y. how i felt and altho im sure it might have upset him some it allowed me to breath easy, not having to egg shell my way around him anymore.
--not to mention he is now aware of my feelings and has no excuses as to why he acts the way he does, being up front allows me to avoid the guess and check method with guys...and girls too
-from now on i guess i'll try my best to just say wats in my heart and on my mind just to kill the confused cat. ((i have a lot of little analogies i never noticed that until just now lol ))

ANY WHO!! i'm just tryna kill time lol, i need a hug! and a check these clowns i deal with geesh!
how was ya day???...ah huh...well thats nice, lol yea yea i heard...WHAT YOU LIE! ...lol well damn that has to be some of the most fucked up shit i've heard all day, sorry your day sucked....maybe this'll make you feel better...MY DAY WAS GREAT!! oh it didnt, shit welp....TUFF TITTIES!

OH OH OH BEFORE I FORGET! this morning before work well no it started last night, ((ho-seph)) Joseph called me at like 2 am and we talked like forever! glad we've become friends he's like a big brother to me, not completely cuz i think he might be decent looking...lol anyways THIS MORNING i cooked the best breakfast ever and watched the ending of my favorite movie ((it's 3 dvds long and i finally finished the last disk)) it was nice and peaceful! felt good makin new friends gettin rid of the lame ones thats just using me =} lol