every 5 or 10 minutes i find myself making some excuse to say his name or think of him...geesh whats that age you get to when crushes don't exist?...lol well whatever!!
this weekend was a good one, Friday i cleaned and spent time with "him", Saturday the trio hung out pizza Priscilla's and movies and more time with "him"!!! what a combo! and Sunday i got my hair did...by besty came home and TEXT me which made me feel better...[and again I'm sorry for whatever i might have done to offend her or make her mad. ((we're talking now!! love that girl gosh!!))] oh and Sunday brittums and tierra feel in love! quite with the gayness [no offence]
lol work today went swell!
having a few health issues and I'm the worse when it comes to seeing a doctor. i guess I'll have to go if i plan to get any better. so this week I'm hitting the doctors just gotta find a day i can make it.
oh oh so check this...last night i had the strangest dream right! there was ghost and baby ghost and "him" and whales it was odd and weird there was this mouse that like followed me everywhere with a "help homeless" sign it was like crazy strange lol WEIRD!
but I'm going to check my midterm grade for aerobic weight training and then peace outty...
blog about it later!