it's friday and i close up early!! so excited! lol oh and to plan the weekend is a task in its self i have so much i want to do limited funds and even more limited time! lol i'll work something out.

can't really post anymore to the story i started yesterday seeing as how i have to close up here at work soon! YAY!!! but i will soon i promise. any plans for you guys this weekend?

oh so check this yesterday it snowed a tiny bit right and i was walking from my aunt crib, ((she lives close)) and BAM i fell and busted my ass like major! on the hill and slide All the way to the bottom of the hill. lets just say my bottom is sore and grass isn't the softest! (0_O)

5minutes and i can go home! yay!!! ok ok let me get to work closin this place i'll def blog later!