and im gonna need to find a distraction...not a relationship. i want someone i dont have to share you know. like their all mines but not all all mines if that makes any kinda sense. i guess what im tryna say is i want to be able to go out and not look thru the crowd and wonder whose lookin my way, who i can try and get to notice me...something along that nature. i want to go out and be like ha whatever i dont need any of you cuz i gots mines! lol but not a relationship i need someone to keep my attention to pull me outta my funk when needed...like a bestfriend that i can cuddle up next to or kiss their face off when im feeling the urge. to keep me away from my stress and all the other useless blah in my life. atleast until im ready for a realationship...ugghh whatever i'll just have to distract myself