....Been a mi-nute minute since i felt the need to blog and i realized so much has happened since that just didn't seem important enough to blog about. AND GUESS WHAT who cares that its not life changing important i can blog about the gum i JUST jammed my knee into at work' at the front desk. Which means a member of the staff that works in this room is not mature enough to trash their frickin gum...UGGH my jeans, agh what a mess.

OH and btw i have on matching socks today, which is odd seeing as how i don't normally wear matching socks. Makes me feel unbalanced; odd right??

In all reality some life changing events has happened to me recently some grand and welcomed others not so much but either way i learned something new. And while looking at the bigger picture learning is always key...lol

Oh OH oH....I just exchanged numbers with my homie GaMMon again, we kinda fell off when he moved, but bac to the matter...we're back in contact and I'm ever so glad! He in all his awesomeness! My phone hasn't been this happy in a while. He's my white male Oprah! GEESH i didn't realize how much I'd missed him until he was back in my celly! MUCHO AMOUNTS