...blogging blogging blogging...wat to blog about?
in ways worth mentioning. I've had some crazy things happen today even...girl Carmen((that liked me or watever we exchanged numbers a while back but things didnt pan out so i lost her number told her to lose mine)) so anyways Carmen comes into my job ask for some assistance all cool right..im at work so im bein polite, having tack and watnot when she gets all crazy on me. taklin "I like and i dont normally like act this way but i like u and i didn't lose ya number i want you...blah blah blah" CREEPY SCARY SHIT! she starts to irritate me at work and is kinda makin a scene IN MY FUCKIN JOB BRAH!!! thats wat i get for being nice to people and talking to them.
**new rule for me to live by: stop giving my number out and being nice to people i know i really dont like!!
-yesterday there was a change of plans me and brittums went out to dinner and Darell tagged along!! it was great we did pizza and chilled at mi casa for a bit! it's been a long time since the tres amigos kicked it...((i'm thinkin since 11th gade))
--i think i did something to pee off my besty, idk i just feel like she's mad at me and i feel bad idk wat i did, if i said something im sorry. maybe im just buggin maybe she's just chill but i feel horrible with the lingering feelin like i hurt her feelings or made her mad.
---i took my Spanish quiz [i kno just a quiz] and i think i did pretty good! probably the first time i felt that way about Spanish in a while
----yesterday was the highlight of my week im sure of it, probably wont experience that joy again for a while. not that im thinkin negative but that i think im BI-POLAR just a bit too many extreme high and lows
*i wont have my besty she's goin home for some family fun!! hope she has a blast!
**think ill take this weekend to take care of things i've been neglecting
***oh gettin my hair done is a must!
****might buy a few things for all hollows eve!
***clean house...im off this Saturday ill do some serious spring cleaning ((its fall i kno watever!))
**hope i get the car if not i'll do more driving I GOTTA PRACTICE PARKING FOR THE TEST!
*i'm gonna miss Taryn!