todays been so frickin awesome so far...like ahh i woke up and that was grand enough just to be awake...i feel good today...like everything feels clean and fresh!

guess what! me and the BFF BRITTUMS are goin to the byrd to catch a flick today!! how sweet!!

lol this morning my besty TARYN surprised me with a dinkie dinoa!! which is a type of tamagotchi! Which was awesome!! ((btw i've been using awesome a whole lot now)) Its a monkey named Chuck, and i think i love hims faces!! Seeing as how he's the cutest thing i kno of! GO CHUCK!!! lol

...so i decided to write in my blog everyday even if its simple things like this it give me the chance to express the way i feel and better get thru the day.

oh OH oH theres this guy...and i know you dont have to tell me yes this is very elementary. but anywho theres this guy that i happen to be fond of maybe more than i lead myself to believe and i just wanted to say he was cute and that i liked him and that although we talk and stuff, i want him to like me back! LOL