Fell asleep with the love of my life in my ear...felt like old times.

You know even after everything thats went down in my life and all the lows i've been through...he's still the guy he started out to be. I've always felt like i can talk to him and i know that after each conversation i'll feel better, happier, stronger, more in control of my surroundings. Even if it wasn't a good conversation and things got emotional or heavy i still came out of it with something positive to reflect on.

woke up on time i guess u can say showered dressed and waited...i was dress and ready before taryn got there..which means i was earlier better i mean on time!...i did a good thing! lol

the weekend begins at 4:30 and i cant wait not that i have plans but that i get to sleep in saturday morning and possibly go visit my sisters which i LOVE!!! lol

honestly im not as chipper as im coming across but i figured if i pretend to be then it'll catch on and eventually be true.

((btw when did dora grow up))