random thoughts

-i feel like sex has taken a large part of my life...and i find myself giving into temptation and at times having sex when i don't want to or worse with people i don't want to. so I'm not gonna have sex for a while and see where it takes me.

--sometimes i feel like the world is moving around me and I'm stuck standing still, so i put myself into overdrive and move move move until I'm burnt out...i fidget a lot.

---i prioritize the wrong people in my life, putting those unworthy on a pedestal, being loyal to, and making excuses for people who could on a good day not give two shits about me. time to make a change

----you ever just wanna hurt somebody?...like really physically hurt someone (no one in particular) but just get the urge to cause somebody anybody a complete stranger bodily harm? i do (does that make me a nut, should i go see someone?) lol sometimes i just wanna punch a kid in the face

-----maybe i should see someone...lol it couldn't hurt, right?

------well it's morning and I've rambled enough got some stuff off my chest, be back later I'm sure of it!