The Mondays

Normally on a Monday morning I'm in the crankiest mood, but today is different and I'm not even sure why. It could be because I slept good or had a awesome weekend whatever it is I love it and could really get use to it. Bumper tho I didn't make it to the gym today before work welp! i'll bust ass tomorrow PROMISE...lol lately life has been really random but it feels good living for the moment and makin it all count. I mean its not like I'm going base jumping or anything just deciding to live for me and making me happy first and foremost. OH I decided to give toni another chance but this time I def got a wall up and moving at a creepy slow pace. AND jay is turnin out to be a very interesting person, nothing serious or whatever but conversation is nice to have with someone who is just as educated as you.
Any who my 21st birthday is just a few months away and im tryna get in shape lol...not for my birthday but just for me u kno feel better about me and the temple I have to live in. lol OH I need ideas for my birthday IDK what to do...Ugh lol off to work and study some for this test tomorrow!