Because he read my blog

...lol I get like so embarrassed when people I know reads this thing or my poetry or anything for that matter I don't kno why I just do. And yesterday when he told me he read my blog I damn near pissed myself I was so mortified! It's not like it's something so secretive or whatnot lol I don't kno I'm just silly that way!...lol but I did promise him I'd write about him today so here it is! We all kno I randomly go on this rant and rave about "Pretty" who never really was a actual person just the pet name I gave to my ego or my flirty side I guess. Sometimes pretty was a person you know, whoever had my interest at the moment wither they knew it or not. But ladies and gentlemen I do indeed have a "Pretty" now...lol he's a cutie and funny so I think I might like the kid. Not too sure what that means at the moment but I enjoy his conversation and he's easily entertained so who knows what's what and what's gonna be yet. Its 2011 I'm just goin day to day with whatever rolls my way...and if its "Pretty" cool if not that's cool too.
ON ANOTHER ISSUE! 2011 HAS TO BE MY YEAR! lol I mean Bitch I'M BAD! lol Toni and I are on good terms again (like I mentioned before) and I love it! Missed that girl you kno, so she's welcomed back with open arms...while at arms distance if that at all makes sense. I'm no fool she still has to earn a few things back...like my trust and shit! lol ALSO Jay mentioned him too last time. I like that guy! lol not in a "I wanna love him one day" kinda way but a "I'm glad I made a friend in him" kinda way and if things start to lean in another direction I don't kno what to think. I mean I'm single with no commitments to anybody but I'm not pimp it's just not in my blood! But if things start to go in any "relationship" direction with anyone (Toni [doubt it] Pretty, or Jay) I'll be sure that its what I want and not hurt anyone elses' feelings lol LOOK AT ME AND SHIT! lol