you are by far the dumbest fuck i know. and it kills me that i'm so into you, i want you to want me and i'm not talking sexually. just to have you as my own but you want her and she's all wrong...and u know it you hit my phone EVERYDAY telling me how she's done this done that and you feel like your wasting your time, you are! seriously daddy drop the zero and get with a hero! why can't i be the one??? why am i just the homegirl...your so fucking stupid! who do u call when you need someone's shoulder...whose holding you down when the worlds turn it's back on you? I got you bunked up when you needed somewhere to lay your head and i did all that just because i'm your friend...shit i'm far more loyal to you than any bitch you've fucked with...your words daddy not mines and yet you pass me up over and over again! ugghhh i hate it when u hit my phone with more bull bout her..man call me a hater or whatever you want u got a good shawty ridin side line...u gonna look up one day and im gonna be tapped out. i'm in your corner guy...UUUGGGGHHHH ur just so irritatin and flip floppy....dont like me one day and be talkin to somebody the next. you can't toy with my emotions and feelings like this if there is hope then there is but string me along fuck you...man fuck me because im the fool that falls for it...FUCKIN FUCK FACED JERK WHY DO I LOVE YOU!!