Life is a series of phases...ones we can fess up to and other's we'd rather leave in the dark, everything we do has a meaning and it's weither or not we choose to search and understand that meaning that enables our growth as a people. From what we decide to wear each day to the people we choose to surround oursleves with.

An old friend told me, "we decide who were gonna be in someone life, and thats done either on purpose or by the traits we bring to the relationship". And nothing has ever made more sense, but it took me all of 30 sec. to find a debatable angle for his statement. I argued that yea we do have some say in how we interact with each other but its impossible to pick your role in someone else's life. We argued over the topic for a while and decided it was simply easier to agree to disagree. Maybe I was right, but he had made a lot of sense. The simple idea that I could decide up front before any type of relationship, it being platonic or not, that I could establish myself in a concrete aspect or as an option to someone else made me think back to a few of my past relationships.

I've always been a firm believer that we as people are selfish and through anything we do there is some self-benefiting. We hold ourselves to be the key or core to life, and its just easy to think it's my life so why shouldn't I, so we made relationships with people who believe are compatable with us. Or inferior to securt our dominance. I've always had a strong personality and yes I can say I've made friendships with people I knew weren't as strong willed or stubborn as I. And I'm more than sure I'm not alone in this, we chalk it up to be "oh I'm finding someone to balance me out, I'm the loud one so I needed a quiet friend to even things out", no when in actuality we needed someone to stand beside us and make us shine brighter. Selfishness at it's purest of states.